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Gear motors

Gear motors from the iD Moteur product range The range of gear motors by iD Moteur has been carefully designed to be used in the most restricting applications; Their modular and adjustable conception allows fast adaptation to the diverse needs of the customer or market.

According to our needs, we would prefer a radial exit gear motor such as, R110sp or sp90 (parallel shaft gears); or an axial gear motor such as R110E (parallel shaft gears) or A80i (planet gears).

  • Power : 0,01 to 0,18 KW.
  • Speed : 1 to 400Tr/min.
  • Torque : up to 250Nm.
  • Gear motors from the iD Moteur product range Motors : Asynchronous, DC current or brushless (IP40 or IP55).
  • Encoders, electromagnetic brakes, sensors, electronic specific drives...
R110sp gear motor by iD Moteur A80i gear motor by iD Moteur
R110sp gear motor A80i gear motor